Announcement: Military Energy Resilience Catalyst (MERC) Innovation Challenge


It's September 2020. A U.S. Air Force base outside Fort Lauderdale was hammered by a hurricane, cutting grid power to the base and its critical facilities. The utility is frantically working to restore service, but is crippled by an advanced cyberattack. The generators backing up important national defense missions on the base are running out of fuel, and the roads getting to base are a mess.

While the event described above is fictional, our military and national security leaders are increasingly concerned that a situation like this could happen. We need your best ideas to strengthen the energy resilience and security of our military installations.

That's why we've launched the MERC Innovation Challenge. In partnership with MD5, the MERC Innovation Challenge seeks creative solutions that can be implemented now to minimize the damage and disruption of a future disaster and bring together a community of stakeholders with diverse interests in continuity of operations.  

Solutions will be evaluated by panel of senior-level experts from the Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security, Department of Energy and State Government. Winning solutions will receive national recognition and will have an opportunity to provide a proposal for funding consideration. 

Note: All ideas will be submitted by creating an account on the MD5 platform 
CAC/EDIPI not required, enter N/A when creating account

News StoryLauren Glickman