Update: 2019 Military Energy Resilience Catalyst (MERC) Cohort visits MCAS Miramar and U.C. San Diego

2019 MERC Cohort touring the UCSD microgrid.

In May, the 2019 MERC Cohort completed their first in-person, facilitated site visit - a trip to Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) Miramar and the University of California, San Diego (UCSD). During the event, the MERC Cohort:

  • Visited and learned about microgrids and advanced energy technologies at MCAS Miramar and UCSD,

  • Developed cross-service relationships with energy resilience professionals at headquarters and installation levels, and

  • Initiated plans to catalyze energy resilience projects on their own installations.

The MCAS Miramar and UCSD trip marks a jumping-off point for the 2019 Cohort. In the months leading up to our next event at the Energy Exchange, the MERC Cohort will engage in facilitated learning sessions, webinars, and phone calls to both seek answers and help each other advance energy resilience projects at their own installations. The MERC Cohort is leading the charge to strengthen DoD's energy resilience and readiness posture!

"We don't have to exist in silos. Having access to policy makers to help me push through and navigate hurdles is invaluable." - Shannon Bergt, Detroit Arsenal, 2019 MERC Cohort Member

Dr. Byron Washom explains the value of mounted solar arrays, vehicle charging infrastructure, and their connection with the UCSD microgrid to the MERC Cohort at this parking facility.

About MERC

Converge Strategies runs the Military Energy Resilience Catalyst (MERC) program in partnership with Idaho National Laboratory and the DoD's ESTCP program. MERC is an accelerator program for DoD energy resilience professionals. 16 civilians from installations around the country (representing Army, Navy, Air Force, and U.S. Marine Corps) comprise the 2019 MERC Cohort. As part of the program these individuals are provided enhanced access to energy resilience learning events, energy technology demonstrations, and connections to the MERC faculty, a collection of experts from across the DoD and energy technology communities .