Update: MERC Online Community Launches!


Join the MERC Online Community Here: InnovateDefense.net/MERC

During the 2019 FEMP Energy Exchange, the MERC team launched the MERC Online Community to government and military personnel and DoD contractors. The MERC Online Community is a place where DoD energy resilience practitioners can engage in discussions with experts, find upcoming energy events, discover project data, review case studies, and access tools and templates to accelerate their projects.

The MERC ‘19 Cohort attended the FEMP Energy Exchange and began interacting through the Online Community. Check out more about our MERC ‘19 Cohort at Energy Exchange.

About MERC

Converge Strategies, LLC runs the Military Energy Resilience Catalyst (MERC) program in partnership with Idaho National Laboratory and DoD's ESTCP program. MERC is an accelerator program for DoD energy resilience professionals. Civilians from installations around the country (representing Army, Navy, Air Force, and U.S. Marine Corps) comprise the 2019 MERC Cohort. As part of the program these individuals are provided enhanced access to energy resilience learning events, energy technology demonstrations, and connections to the MERC faculty, a collection of experts from across the DoD and energy technology communities.