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How do you find and scale the best resilience solutions?

The Resilient Infrastructure and Secure Energy (RISE) Consortium connects energy and climate innovators with federal partners.

Why It Matters

The federal government is notoriously difficult to do business with, and many companies steer clear as a result. Industry consortia are a proven pathway to fast track national security innovations. The Department of Defense has awarded billions of dollars to industry consortia focusing on medical technology, shipbuilding, armaments, and other priorities.

There was previously no consortium focusing on the urgent needs of energy and climate resilience.

The RISE Consortium convenes the energy and climate resilience industries to build dialogue and business with the federal government.

What It Is

We convene the RISE Consortium in partnership with ATI, the largest federal industry consortium manager. The mission of the RISE Consortium is to reimagine how we use, generate, transport, and store energy, and how we build modern and resilient infrastructure. The RISE Consortium accelerates collaboration and partnership by using government contracting authorities designed for rapid prototyping and massive scale.

Our Impact.

  • Since launching in 2021, the RISE Consortium has grown to more than 600 members, including start-up companies, financiers, large defense contractors, national laboratories, universities, state energy offices, and others dedicated to energy and climate resilience.
  • The RISE Consortium holds regular virtual and in-person events for member companies to collaborate with government leaders and program managers.
  • The RISE Consortium sponsors an innovation prize each year at the Defense TechConnect Summit.

Our Partners

The RISE Consortium is managed in partnership with Advanced Technology International (ATI). A full list of RISE Consortium members can be found on the website.


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