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New Release: Concepts to Align Transmission Expansion For National Defense (TREND)

TREND presents concepts for aligning transmission grid investment with national defense, encouraging conversation between the electricity industry and the national security enterprise on expanding our nation’s transmission system.
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Retrofitting Existing Solar with Emerging Technologies [RESET]

Converge Strategies helped the military determine if its solar energy systems could be used for resilience to improve mission readiness across the DoD enterprise.
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Regional Identification of Gaps for Operational Resilience [RIGOR] Process

Converge Strategies, in partnership with Idaho National Laboratory (INL), developed the first process to work with utilities and communities to prioritize resilience solutions and find funding.
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Resilient Infrastructure and Secure Energy [RISE] Consortium

Converge Strategies, in partnership with ATI, established the Resilient Infrastructure and Secure Energy (RISE) Consortium to connect energy and climate innovators with federal partners. Since launching in 2021, the RISE Consortium has grown to more than 600 members.
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Resilience Exercises

Converge Strategies develops and executes energy resilience exercises for the military, governments, and the private sector.
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Military Energy Resilience Catalyst [MERC] Program

Converge Strategies created the first community of practice — the Military Energy Resilience Catalyst [MERC] program — to empower DoD's on the ground energy leaders to strengthen their energy resilience posture and support critical missions.
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Clean Energy Buyers Institute (CEBI)

Converge Strategies is working with large energy customers to develop new pathways to include energy resilience in clean energy procurement.
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The Solar Energy Innovation Network (SEIN)

Converge Strategies works with communities to backup critical facilities with solar, batteries, and other advanced technologies.
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Clean Energy and Resiliency [CLEAR] for Communities

Converge Strategies helps communities keep their critical facilities up and running using onsite clean energy.