Resilience - Advanced Energy - Security


Converge Strategies works within three areas of opportunity to strengthen America’s prosperity and energy security.


Department of Defense Energy Resilience

The DoD is the largest consumer of energy in the world with a total annual energy budget of approximately $16-20 billion for fuel, electricity, and natural gas.  DoD has issued policies that encourage and require military installations to be resilient to energy disruptions. Many efforts are underway across DoD and the Military Services to strengthen energy resilience and mission assurance, and the military market for energy resilience solutions is projected to expand substantially. Converge Strategies works directly with DoD to support and navigate the evolving policy and programmatic landscape.



Civilian-Military Partnerships

There are significant opportunities for civilian entities to cooperate with DoD to advance shared interests. Converge Strategies helps build partnerships between private companies, state and local government, and the military to develop and deploy new energy resilience technologies, create policies and programs that support energy assurance, and assess and secure critical civilian infrastructure.



Homeland security and advanced energy

In addition to the fifty state governments in the United States, there are close to 40,000 municipal governments across the country. Energy resilience in the emerging threat environment will require these governments to adopt new approaches to policy. Converge Strategies works with leading-edge governments to pursue new models of planning and program development that integrate advanced energy markets with energy assurance and homeland security strategies.