Resilience - Advanced Energy - Security

the challenge

Modern society is built on secure and reliable access to energy.


We are in the middle of a profound transformation in the way our energy system works.  Advanced and distributed energy markets are growing exponentially, creating substantial opportunities for new energy technologies, business models, and system architectures. 

At the same time, we are experiencing more threats to secure energy access than ever before. Determined adversaries are actively targeting our critical infrastructure through cyberspace.  Dozens of physical attacks are perpetrated on unprotected utility sites across the country every year.  More frequent and severe weather events exacerbate threats to our energy security. Governments, private companies, the military, and civilian populations each face significant risks in this heightened threat environment.


our mission

Converge Strategies works to accelerate energy innovation to keep America secure.


We envision a future in which the military, private sector, and government work in concert to advance energy solutions for American security and prosperity.