New Report: Beyond the Fence Line: Strengthening Military Capabilities through Energy Resilience Partnerships,

We released Beyond the Fence Line: Strengthening Military Capabilities through Energy Resilience Partnerships, with the Association of Defense Communities. The report outlines the military’s leading edge energy resilience practices and makes recommendations on how states, regulators, and utilities can partner with the military to protect critical infrastructure from energy disruptions.

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Press Release: As Threats to Electricity Grid Mount, the Military is Partnering with Local Communities to Deploy Solar, Wind, Batteries and Natural Gas

In an era of increased cyber threats and more frequent extreme weather events, a new report from the Association of Defense Communities and Converge Strategies details case studies and recommendations for Department of Defense partnership models that deploy distributed energy resources, including wind, solar, batteries and natural gas, to enhance energy security at domestic bases and local communities alike.

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Georgetown Journal of International Affairs: A New Military Energy Imperative

Recent reports from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) have alerted Americans to efforts by the Russian government to target critical American infrastructure networks, particularly within the energy sector.  DHS and FBI reports detail the activities of several persistent and advanced Russian hacking units, which burrowed into utility company networks and, in at least one instance, gained access to a power plant’s critical controls.

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Currently Hiring: Senior Associate

Converge Strategies, LLC is hiring for a Senior Associate based in Washington, DC.  Please find the job description attached, and forward to any candidates you think would be interested.  We're looking for exceptional candidates that can support a wide variety of projects focused on advanced energy, resilience, and national security.

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