Grid Geeks: Valuing the Resilience of the Electric Grid

In this episode of Grid Geeks, Wilson Rickerson of Converge Strategies dives into what it means to value resiliency as a core component of the electric grid alongside Sara Baldwin the host of Grid Geeks and Jonathon Monken with PJM Interconnection. As we mark the two-year anniversary of Hurricanes Harvey, Maria, Irma, and Jose, and with Hurricane Dorian having just ravaged the Caribbean and now impacting the Southeast and Eastern Seaboard, the resilience of the electric grid is still a front-and-center conversation. Yet, in spite of the growing number of more severe natural disasters and man-made events impacting the electric grid, efforts to place a value on resilience are still relatively nascent. Together they tackle:

How is resilience defined?

Does it make sense to ascribe a value to resilience?

What methods and tools exist to determine that value?

Which entities are ‘responsible’ for the resilience of the electric grid?

Is there sufficient coordination and communication among those entities?

What existing resilience efforts provide useful models for others to learn from?