November 20, 2021

An increase in the frequency and severity of severe storms associated with global climate change has increased the Commonwealth’s need for resiliency in the face of major events and disturbances. The Clean Energy and Resiliency (CLEAR) Program supported by the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (MassCEC) seeks to support energy resilience investments in Massachusetts by advancing first-stage energy resilience system designs for critical facilities in Massachusetts communities.

The objectives of the CLEAR program are to:

  1. Create resilient facilities to reduce economic losses from major power outage events.
  2. Lower service interruption time for utility customers.
  3. Provide a replicable model for outage recovery events.

The CLEAR Project Team — RAND Corporation, Converge Strategies, LLC, XENDEE Corporation, and Ridgeline Energy Analytics — leveraged its mission-focused resilience approach and XENDEE’s energy resilience analysis platform to evaluate the energy resilience posture of Brigham and Women’s Hospital to ensure that its lifeline facilities and emergency services are positioned to serve its community when they are most in need. The Brigham and Women’s Hospital was one of nine communities and institutions awarded support under the CLEAR Program funded by the Baker-Polito Administration.

The CLEAR BWH Report presents the findings of the energy resilience survey and techno-economic analysis conducted for the Brigham and Women’s Hospital:

  1. Reviews BWH compliance for maintaining reliable power and uninterrupted service in healthcare facilities. However, BWH is not on track to meet the City of Boston’s zero emissions by 2050 decarbonization target through energy efficiency and building upgrades alone.
  2. Provides recommendations for BWH to partner with the neighboring residential and institutional partners in the Longwood Medical and Academic Area to make joint clean energy and resilience investments.

For more information on the CLEAR project visit, the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center.

About Brigham and Women’s Hospital

Brigham Health, a global leader in creating a healthier world, consists of Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Brigham and Women’s Faulkner Hospital, the Brigham and Women’s Physicians Organization and many related facilities and programs. With more than 1,000 inpatient beds, approximately 60,000 inpatient stays and 1.7 million outpatient encounters annually, Brigham Health’s 1,200 physicians provide expert care in virtually every medical and surgical specialty to patients locally, regionally and around the world. An international leader in basic, clinical and translational research, Brigham Health has nearly 5,000 scientists, including physician-investigators, renowned biomedical researchers and faculty supported by over $700 million in funding. The Brigham’s medical preeminence dates back to 1832, and now, with 19,000 employees, that rich history is the foundation for its commitment to research, innovation, and community. Boston-based Brigham and Women’s Hospital is a teaching affiliate of Harvard Medical School and dedicated to educating and training the next generation of health care professionals. For more information, resources, and to follow us on social media, please visit

About the RAND Corporation

The RAND Corporation is a research organization that develops solutions to public policy challenges to help make communities throughout the world safer and more secure, healthier and more prosperous.

About Converge Strategies, LLC

Converge Strategies, LLC is a consulting company focused on the intersection of clean energy, resilience, and national security. We build partnerships with the military, civilians, and all levels of government to accelerate resilience and security in the clean energy transformation.


XENDEE develops world-class Microgrid decision support software that helps designers and investors optimize and certify the Fight-Through™ resilience and financial performance of projects with confidence. The XENDEE Microgrid platform enables a broad audience; from business decision makers to scientists, with the objective of supporting investments in Microgrids and maintaining electric power reliability when integrating sources of renewable generation.

About Ridgeline Energy Analytics

Ridgeline Energy Analytics is a consulting firm that provides energy data analysis and energy efficiency and renewable energy services to public and private clients across the United States. Ridgeline Energy Analytics is registered provider for North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) and is a certified Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE) and certified Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB).

About MassCEC

The Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (MassCEC) is dedicated to accelerating the success of clean energy technologies, companies, and projects in the Commonwealth—while creating high-quality jobs and long-term economic growth for the people of Massachusetts. Since its inception in 2009, MassCEC has helped clean energy companies grow, supported municipal clean energy projects, and invested in residential and commercial renewable energy installations creating a robust marketplace for innovative clean technology companies and service providers. Massachusetts Energy and Environmental Affairs Secretary Kathleen Theoharides chairs MassCEC’s board of directors.

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