Announcement: And The 2020 Awards Go to MERC Network Members

November 5, 2020

The Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) 2020 FEDS Spotlight Recipients

The Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) honored federal energy champions selected for recognition as part of FEMP’s 4th annual FEDS Spotlight at this year’s virtual Energy Exchange. Honorees were selected by agency leaders and peers as federal champions who are working hard to implement exceptional resilient, efficient, and secure energy and water management practices and projects, while also helping their agencies to achieve mission success.

Congratulations to the following members of the Military Energy Resilience Catalyst [MERC] Network who were selected!

U.S. Department of Defense, Office of the Secretary of Defense

Andrew Morris

U.S. Air Force

Andrew Morris has helped to advance the National Defense Strategy through the implementation of energy resilience solutions in the Air Force. He was at the forefront of the Service’s efforts to execute Energy Resilience Readiness Exercises in support of warfighter readiness. Through collaborative partnerships with senior leaders and stakeholders, he helped identify and close previously unknown energy resilience gaps and vulnerabilities. Lessons learned and best practices garnered from his work contributed materially to the Department of Defense’s (DoD’s) “Framework for Planning and Executing Energy Resilience and Readiness Exercise” guidance.

Paul Volkman

U.S. Army

Paul Volkman has worked to ensure that energy resilience gaps are being closed at Army bases around the globe in furtherance of the National Defense Strategy. To this end, he led the execution of the Army’s first Energy Resilience Readiness Exercises, laying the groundwork for current and future exercises. His dedicated efforts to advance the Army’s holistic Installation Energy and Water plans and leverage the Energy Resilience and Conservation Investment Program have helped strengthen the Service’s energy resilience posture. Lessons learned and best practices garnered from his efforts became a major part of DoD’s “Framework for Planning and Executing Energy Resilience and Readiness Exercise” guidance.

U.S. Department of Defense, U.S. Navy

Steven Vickery [2020 MERC Faculty + 2019 MERC Cohort Member]

Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay

Installation Energy Manager Steven Vickery helped write the first edition of the Navy-required Installation Energy Program Summary for SUBASE Kings Bay, highlighting mitigation strategies for energy resilience, reliability, and efficiency gaps. He is managing several major resilience initiatives including a Battery Energy Storage System demonstration project with an existing 230 acre solar array; a partnership with the local utility to ascertain technical requirements needed to meet the installation’s energy resilience requirements; and a utility energy service contract that will save more than 10 million kWh of electricity annually while improving power reliability, maintaining efficiency and occupant comfort, and reducing thermal energy demands.

U.S. Department of Defense, U.S. Air Force

Keith Anderson and Heath Sirmons [2020 MERC Cohort Member]

Altus Air Force Base

Since Altus Air Force Base was selected as one of two pilot installations for the Air Force’s Energy-as-a-Service business model, Heath Sirmons and Keith Anderson have been instrumental in advancing project progress. As “on-the-ground” leaders, Mr. Sirmons and Mr. Anderson have been engaging constantly with Headquarters and the local utility, identifying key issues and developing solutions to move the project forward, supporting site visits and senior leadership engagement, and answering data requests. Their “out of the box” thinking and collaborative spirits have demonstrated a willingness to jump head-first into a strategic and innovative effort that aims to ensure energy delivery to the mission when, where, and how it is needed

2020 Annual Secretary of the Army Energy and Water Management Awards

The 41st annual Secretary of the Army Energy and Water Management Awards were presented to ten recipient organizations, garrisons and individuals in recognition of their accomplishments during fiscal year 2019.

Congratulations to the following members of the Military Energy Resilience Catalyst [MERC] Network who received Army Energy and Water Management Awards!

Energy and Water Resilience Program Effectiveness

USAG Fort Bragg, NC – Ms. Monica Stephenson, Mr. Aaron Brown, Ms. Audrey Oxendine [2020 MERC Cohort Member], and Ms. Tammy Temple. USAG Fort Bragg was recognized for avoiding $391,000 in annual costs while saving 23,738 British thermal units of energy.

Energy Efficiency

USAG Hawaii, HI – Mr. Keith Yamanaka [2020 MERC Cohort Member] and Mr. Santigo Hernandez. USAG Hawaii FY19 reduced annual energy consumption by 38,933 British thermal units of energy and produced annual energy savings of $3,080,000 by leveraging a $43 million Energy Savings Performance Contract (ESPC).

Individual Exceptional Performance

USAG Detroit Arsenal, MI – Ms. Shannon Bergt [2020 MERC Faculty + 2019 MERC Cohort Member]. Since Ms. Bergt took over the program, USAG Detroit Arsenal has exceeded federal energy and water conservation goals, reducing energy consumption by over 13 percent and water consumption by almost 14 percent. Ms. Bergt has also saved USAG Detroit Arsenal $1.2 million through the early buy-down of an Energy Savings Performance Contract. Ms. Bergt’s perseverance and commitment to developing the USAG-DTA program into one that sustains and protects the Garrison, and focuses on sound and reliable solutions for the entire DOD, is evident through her programs’ progress.

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